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9 July, 2018
17 July, 2018
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Name: XENA




Other information: CAT


In Galgos en Familia sometimes not all of them are galgos, and this is the case.

Our Little Xena was rescued for one of our volunteers in a mountain in Málaga. She was left with his four brothers and sisters when their mum passed away when they were around one month old. However, this is not the worst part of their story, as one day a car run over all of them, leaving Xena as the only survivor. She was left with lot of wounds but thanks to the cuddles and cares of her temporary family she has improved. As consequence of the horrible accident, she has the mouth a bit openned but that is not a problem for her, she eats well and she does normal life.

Her foster home told us she is a very good kitten despite her short age. She does her bodily functions inside her sandbox, she is calm and very affectionate. She is fearless, she loves meeting new people who will fill her up with kisses, cuddles and hugs. She gets on well with other cats and dogs, as currently she is living with them.

Xena is a warrior and she needs a second chance. May be her open mouth is a imperfection for someone but for us is a sign of cheerfulness, as she is always going everywhere with her tongue out. We are sure whoever will give her the opportunity, will fall in love completely because of her great behaviour. Do you want to give her the home she deserves? Adopt her!