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7 January, 2020
7 January, 2020
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Age: 01/11/2019

Character: PUPPY

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Viernes was handed in by his galguero in the shelter Siempre Contigo with his brother Noru and his sisters Alexa and Nora. They were separated from their mum when they were only 2 months old, as the owner kept her.

As usual, they have the typical behaviour of a puppy: they are sociable, they love eating, sleeping, playing with others and exploring every single corner around them. It is hard to know what kind of behaviour they will have once they grow, as they are still too young.

We would like just to remember that a puppy needs time and patience. Time to show them the rules to follow inside and outside home. And patience because they are active dogs who probably will break someting or chew something they shouldn’t. But when they grow and get calm, if they had a good family who showed them properly, they can be the love of your life forever.

Do you want to live such an adventure? Adopt Viernes!

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