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24 June, 2019
24 June, 2019
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Name: TOM


Age: 01/04/2019

Character: PUPPY

Other information: POMERANIAN


Tom and Jerry were handed in by their breeder because he couldn’t sell them as their mum hurt their rear legs when they were born. Tom (black) has his toes of his rear paw hanging, and Jerry (white) has also four toes missing from one of his rear paws. However, they are so young that they get used to live like that and they do a normal life, actually it is quite hard to notice it.

This two little ball of hair are still puppies, so we are not sure about what kind of behaviour they will have when they grow. For now, we can say as any other puppy, they are a typical behaviour of their age: friendly, affectionate, fun and they love eating and playing. With other dogs they get on well, they just want to play with everyone.

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