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14 April, 2017
27 April, 2017
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Age: 1/02/2015

Character: SHY and CALM

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Tiana arrived with Azahar, handed in by their galguero who told us that if we did not go to collect them he would “get rid of them in any way …”

Tiana is a beautiful galga with a penetrating look that tells us that she has not had a good life. She is gradually overcoming her fears, she is shy with people but very curious and that is good because it means she has an interest in coming out of her shell. We are helping her with affection and care, things she has never known. She has a calm character and gets along with the other dogs and best of all is that she is becoming more confident.

Tiana, unlike other dogs, has not adapted well to our shelter, she does not understand why she is there and this saddens all the volunteers because we always want the best for them. Tiana needs a house to teach her what love is and never feel what abandonment is again. Could you show her the good side of humanity?

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