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19 December, 2019
19 December, 2019
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Age: 06/12/2015



Sultán arrived with Emma from a town of Jaén, both of them handed in by their galguero, that is why they are so close to each other. We don’t know what kind of life this man gave to them but they both have missing some pieces of their ears, so it shouldn’t be too good.

Right after they arrived, Sultán jumped over the fence of the shelter with Emma and both of them were missing for a few hours. Luckily, the same day some volunteers managed to catch Sultán, and Emma came back the next day.

First day he arrived, Sultán was a shy and cautious boy but now, a few weeks later, he is a completely different boy! Nowadays he is an affectionate boy who loves being surrounded by all volunteers so they can fill him up with cuddles and love.

With other dogs in the shelter he improved a lot too. At the beginning he was so choosy with some dogs to get on well with them but now he is totally sociable, so he can share his space with males, females or dogs smaller than him. Even, he is suitable to live with CATS!

We know Sultán didn’t have an easy life to end up in the shelter, for that reason we have to take an advantage of the second chance life has given to him. He deserves a good family who will understand him and make him happy. Do you want to be the one who will get it? Adopt him!

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