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12 April, 2019
12 April, 2019
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Age: 26/11/2016

Character: SHY


Sinfonía came from a shelter in Rota called Siempre Contigo. She was handed in by her galguero.

She is a shy girl who isn’t still familiarized with the shelter. She has been all her life with her owner, the one who now has left her on her own device. That is why she still finds hard to trust the volunteers, so she prefers to have some space for her. Currently, we are working with her and step by step she is improving but it will be quicker if she is adopted and, with patience, a family will give her the feeling of she can trust humans again. We are sure she is a fantastic girl, she just has been unlucky being under his last owner’s hands.

With other dogs in the shelter she doesn’t have any problem. She has such a calm behaviour, so she can socialize with all of them, no matter if males or females. Actually, she feels protected with them. She is suitable to live with CATS.

Sinfonía has suffered a lot and she needs a family who will push her a bit to feel more confident. Do you want to save this precious’ life? Adopt her!

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