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20 May, 2016
20 May, 2016
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Age: 12/2/2009

Character: SHY


Rihanna, together with Kimba, arrived at our shelter from another shelter in Montilla, a town near Cordoba. All their life they were used for continuous breeding as ‘puppy factories’ to produce more galgos for hunting and others who would share their same fate. They both arrived terrified as they had never been shown any affection before. Little by little they are recovering, losing their fear and trusting humans a little more everyday. They have come a long way since their initial fearful state and are now only a little shy, especially to start with, but they are curious and gaining confidence.

Rihanna gets on well with other dogs and not compatible with cats. She likes to sunbathe, spend time with other dogs and is discovering the joys of her new life.

The only thing this sweet dog needs is a home where she feels confident, loved and even a little spoiled. She needs a  family capable of understanding what she has been through and that is dedicated to helping her completely forget her dark past.

Would you like to help her change her life?