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21 December, 2017
21 December, 2017
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Age: 1/11/2014


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Regina is another example of the fate many galgos face once their galgueros decide  they are no longer ‘useful’ to them. They bring them to Galgos en Familia to find them a new home as they are not willing to care for them once they are no longer profitable to them.

We don’t know much about Regina’s past but her actions when she arrived suggested she had not been treated well. Her eyes reflect a life of suffering and pain but thankfully that life is behind her and at Galgos en Familia we will help her forget her suffering and show her the path to happiness and love.

Regina is progressing little by little at the shelter however as has happened with many galgos before her we know her progress would be much faster in a loving home.  There she could learn to trust humans for the first time in her life.

Regina is well behaved and is a calm and tranquil galga. She is a sweetheart that only needs to be shown love, care and patience.

She gets on well with the other dogs at the shelter. All she  needs is a family with people that will be patient and loving and give Regina the loving life she has never known, could yours be the family Regina so desperately needs?

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