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27 January, 2018
4 February, 2018
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Name: NUT


Age: 15/11/2011

Character: CALM & FRIENDLY


Nut came to us together with Vida (her daughter) and Mavia. They belonged to a galguero in Fuente Piedra who handed them to us once he no longer considered them ‘useful’. This is a story that repeats itself every day at the end of the hunting season.

Currently she is in a Foster home with one of our volunteers and he told us she is a wonderful galga. She is such a good girl at home, she is very quiet and calm and she does all her bodily functions outside. With people she is friendly and affectionate. At home she lives with some more dogs and from the first time she gets on well with all of them, like if she knew them before. She is sociable and respectful. She algo can live with cats and birds.

Nut knows now what inconditional love means in a Foster home so now she is so grateful. Now she just needs a forever family who will carry on giving her all love she deserves. Do you want to give her a second chance to our girl? Don’t think about it any more and adopt her!