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31 July, 2018
31 July, 2018
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Name: NANO


Age: 20/05/2018



Nano came with Bea. Both of them were found with another puppy recently born in a cardboard box. A girl rescue that last puppy, she fed him and adopt him. A second girl rescued Nano and Bea and also fed them until they were big enough to bring them to the shelter.

Nano is an adorable galgo, all the volunteers have fallen in love with him and his sister.

This little boy has an equilibrated behaviour for his short age. With the volunteers he is pure love, he loves being surrounded by people, he doesn’t have any fears and he likes being spoilt, so we give him hugs, we kiss him and he shows us his happines licking our hands and face and moving his tails non-stop side o side.

With the rest of the dogs in the shelter she gets on very well, he is a very sociable and good galgo. Like a puppy he is, he loves playing but also he has his time of resting and being surrounded by others having a sunbath.

Nano is looking forward to meet you and take him home. Don’t think about it any more, adopt him!