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19 December, 2019
25 December, 2019
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Age: 01/10/2019

Character: PUPPY

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Minna is from the shelter Siempre Contigo, in Rota, as well as her sister Akira. Both of them were neglected when they were barely two months old, and we all know a shelter is not a proper place for a puppy to grow. They need more space, lot of affection and being surrounded constantly by people to play with. Furthermore, there they can get ill from any disease as they are still in vaccination process, and they can even die.

As they are so young, we still don’t know for sure what kind of behaviour they will have when they will be adults. For now, what we know is they are funny, sociable and calm despite their age. They are not aggressive at all and they don’t have any fears, quite the opposite, they are extremely sweet.

They can share their space with other dogs as they are doing now, even with other puppies, without any problem, as they just want to have fun.

If you are prepared to give Minna a chance, don’t think about it any more. Don’t let her grow in such an ugly place for her. Adopt her!

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