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7 January, 2020
7 January, 2020
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Name: MILA


Age: 01/11/2018


Other information: PODENCO


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Mila came from a shelter in a town of Málaga, where she became invisible and nobody focused on her. But in Galgos en Familia we don’t give up and we are ready to find her a family to this wonderful girl, even knowing she is not a galgo.

When she arrived to the shelter she was so scared and she didn’t trust anybody. But our volunteers are experts giving all love, time and space this kind of dogs need, and that is what they did. Step by step, Mila is improving. She likes going for a walk under the sun but on the leash, as she is still prudent and shy. But that is a massive progress for her, as she wasn’t able to do so a few weeks ago. She still needs to feel more confident and comfortable when she is with the volunteers, but we are sure she will get it and we will be by her side to see it.

With other dogs in the shelter, however, she doesn’t have any problem. She is not a dominant or troubled girl. Quite the opposite, she is so sociable with males or females.

This sweet with big ears needs to find a family who will love her as much as we do, and who will understand her personality to give her all affection she didn’t have before. Do you want to be the one who will give it to her? Adopt Mila!

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