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14 February, 2018
14 February, 2018
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Name: MANU


Age: 03/01/2015

Character: SHY


Manu arrived from La Guarida. He spent there a period of time but nobody focused on him, that is why we brought him to our shelter.

We can’t understand how nobody keep their eyes on him, so in Galgos en Familia we are sure we are going to find a perfect family to this boy who has been waiting for it so long.

He is a shy dog, before he arrived to La Guarida he was wandering on his own for a long time, we can’t know anything else about his past but probably it was very painful. Now he is learning what love, cuddles and kisses means, however he doesn’t trust us completely but with patience we are sure in a short period of time he will be a loving and happy dog.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter he gets on well, he has a calm and submissive behaviour so he doesn’t have any problem in sharing space with them.

Manu has been going through horrible things on the past, lots of difficult moments to find that family he needs so much, now it is the time for him to meet them. Do you want to chance his life? Adopt him!