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31 July, 2018
31 July, 2018
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Name: LUAR


Age: 21/12/2015


Category: .

Luar came with Picola from Jaén, both of them handed in by their own galguero, who get rid of them when they were not useful any longer for him.

Luar is a galga with a calm behaviour.

With humans she is affectionate and sweet, men and women. He doesn’t have any fears to unknown people and she welcomes everyone moving her tail from side to side showing all her happiness.

With other dogs she gets on well thanks to her calm and submissive behaviour. She lives with them in a perfect harmony, no matter if males or females, she shares space with them without any problem. She is so respectful.

Our precious Luar is looking forward to meet her new life, far away from any abandon or neglect and where her only job will be to have fun and to be happy. Do you want to be part of this new adventure for her? Don’t think about it any more, adopt her!

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