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4 July, 2016
4 July, 2016
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Age: 4/2/2014

Character: SHY


Luana was found in a town near Granada together with Arjan and another dog. They had been abandoned and were in a very bad way. It took longer to rescue Luana because she was the most shy out of the three. When they fed them, she would always eat last. They were able to catch the other two dogs and eventually Luana once she saw we were not going to harm them.

To start she is a little shy, but once she gains a little confidence with you she is very affectionate. She is sweet and very good. She gets on well with the other dogs and is not at all dominant. She has been cat tested and it’s fine.

Luana is looking for a family that can teach her how to trust human beings. She dreams of a loving family to join where she can feel safe and happy.

Here’s a video of Luana hanging out with her pals at the shelter:

Could you give Luana the home she deserves?