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17 June, 2019
20 June, 2019
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Age: 01/01/2017

Character: SHY AND SWEET

Other information: PODENCO


Lolita was found by one of our volunteers, attached to a bin close to a shopping centre in Málaga. We can’t undestand who someone was able to left this girl there, on her own, like an old toy. Luckily for her, she is now with us and her new life has started.

Initially, Lolita stayed in our shelter by she didn’t get used to it and she was scared, so our colleague took her home to foster her. Her temporary mum told us she has changed completely, although she is still a bit shy with unknown people. But in a short period of time, she shows a kind and affectionate behaviour. With kids, she is pure love, she loves them, and with other dogs she doesn’t have any problem, she is so courteous and sociable.

Lolita didn’t deserve being abandoned that way. She is starting her new life surrounded by love and she is learning how to be happy. Do you want this sweet being part of your family? Don’t think about it any more and adopt her!

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