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28 February, 2018
12 March, 2018
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Name: LEO



Character: PUPPY


Leo came from a shelter. He was left there by his family without thinking about it. Luckily for him, a woman who was there doing some paperwork saw him and he took him to her foster home.

His foster family tells us he is active and playful. He likes exploring new places and he is so loving. This is a typical puppy behaviour so the family who will adopt him, will need to understand this is just a matter of time because later, with some education, he will become a perfect dog.

With the rest of the dogs, he hasn’t got any problem, he likes running and playing with them. It will be ideal for him if the family who will adopt him, have already some more dogs so he can burn energy with them, or a family who likes going for long walks and taking him to a dog park.

Leo is a wonderful dog, but his latest family didn’t appreciate how special he is. He deserves a second chance to be happy. Do you want to give him that opportunity? Adopt him!