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16 May, 2016
17 May, 2016
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Name: IVAN


Age: 1/12/2011

Character: PLAYFUL


Ivan was brought to our shelter from Puente Genil, where he was found on the street along with Eva (another galgo who is also at the shelter). Seeing how they were when they arrived we can deduce that their life was not very pleasant and was not full of care and love. He arrived with many scars and wounds which have already healed. He was very thin when he arrived but is now much healthier. Despite everything he has been through he is fearless, affectionate, very playful and has a great character. He gets on well with other dogs, is not dominant and is full of energy. Ivan has been cat tested and doesn’t show any interest.

Ivan needs a family with which he can learn what a home truely is. He just wants to be happy and to continue running around and playing. Do you want to give Ivan a chance?