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5 July, 2018
5 July, 2018
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Age: 27/11/2014

Character: SHY


Ginebra came from a town of Sevilla, handed in by her own galguero.

Our little girl is still getting used to the shelter. Aparently, she doesn’t have so many good memories from her old owner so she shows to us a bit shy with the volunteers. We have to understand the only hands she has met were his and now in the shelter there are so many different people unknown to her. That is why we are giving her the time and space she needs to feel more comfortable every day with us, so she will understand we just want to give her love and help her to get over her fears.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter she doesn’t have any problems, she feels safe with them and she enjoys their company. She gets on well with males or females, her character is submissive. She is suitable with cats.

Ginebra needs time and lot of love. We are giving it to her but it is always much better the love and patience of a good home and a family for her to forget the past, to show her not all of us are the same. Do you want to change her life? Adopt her!