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27 September, 2019
27 September, 2019
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Age: 01/07/2012

Character: SHY


Gardel was rescued by our colleagues of the dog shelter in Rota, called Siempre Contigo. He was found wandering without any collar, any microchip and so calm around the avenues of Rota.

When he arrived to the shelter a few months ago, he used to spend his days on the floor at the end of the cage, he didn’t want to go out or having any contact with humans, but not afraid of them. However, we changed him to another cage with other galgos and his behaviour changed completely. He gets on well with other dogs, no matter if males or females, big or small. He has such a sociable and submissive behaviour. Also, he is suitable to live with CATS!

With people he is also sociable, close and affectionate. He approaches to everyone asking for cuddles and so say “Hi!”, even if they are unknown. On the streets he still get a bit scared with loud noises, but that can be sorted out with a couple of walks in the city center. Also, he has been already in a bar terrace and he stayed calm, lied on the floor, letting other people give her cuddles. He is such a gentleman.

Now, it is his turn to have a proper family, who will love him forever and who never will abandon him. Do you want him to be part of your family? Adopt him!

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