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7 January, 2020
20 January, 2020
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Age: 01/11/2018


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Francois came from the shelter La Guarida, in Córdoba. We don’t know what happened in his previous life but seeing how he arrived, we know it shouldn’t be easy at all.

When he arrived he was so scared and he didn’t trust at all anyone. Luckily, we have got such a wonderful volunteers who know how to act with this kind of dogs, giving them the space and time they need, and of course, lot of love. Now, Francois is a different boy, although he is still shy and prudent, but nothing to do with his previous behaviour. He approaches by choice to the volunteers and he lets them give him some cuddles, always being very kind and without any abrupt movements.

With other dogs in the shelter he is an ideal boy, as he is not dominant at all. Quite the opposite, he used to go unseen. He is sociable with males or females. She is suitable to live with CATS!

Francois needs to keep improving, but the shelter is not an appropiate place for that, as he will go slower than if he is in a home with his family, seeing the same people every day. If you want to help him so he can finally be a happy boy, don’t think about it any longer. Adopt him!

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