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21 August, 2019
21 August, 2019
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Age: 15/10/2012

Character: SHY


Fabia came from the shelter La Guarida (Córdoba). We don’t know much about her previous life but because of her behaviour, it shouldn’t be easy at all.

Fabia arrived a couple of weeks ago and she went directly to a residence but despite she has been with us for a while she is still quite shy and prudent, so she needs patience and more time to feel comfortable around us and to understand she won’t feel any more pain or suffering. Currently, we are working on her behaviour and the volunteers are doing as much as they can for her to improve, so we hope soon she will trust us and she will show us the great galga she is deep inside.

With other dogs she doesn’t have any problem, she is a very calm girl who doesn’t have any negative behaviour. It will be ideal if she will have any dog brother or sister in her future home to help her to get over her fears.

Fabia needs to forget her terrible past to keep moving forward and find happiness finally. Do you want to save her life? Adopt her!

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