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5 October, 2017
6 October, 2017
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Name: ENKI


Age: 14/12/2014


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Enki was returned to Galgos en Familia by his owner. Because of personal circumstances, he can’t take care of him any longer. He was abandoned when he was just a puppy in a cardboard box with his brother in front of the door of a shelter in Rota. He was some time with us until he was adopted and then given back to us.

He is one of these galgos who has become invisible and we don’t understand why. Currently, he is in a foster home, where he has improved some aspects of his behaviour he needed to change. Now, he is a lovely galgo who adores being with people, he is affectionate, friendly and courteous. Actually, he is perfect for kids, as he is so kind with them.

With other dogs, he can live perfectly, he is sociable and playful, but it would be better for him to live with a non dominant and calm male, or with an adult female. Also, it is necessary for him to live with any other dog, because when he is on his own at home, he needs some company.

Enki has been for too long in a foster home and now he is ready to meet his forever family. Do you want to give him the home he needs so much? Adopt him!

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