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11 April, 2018
11 April, 2018
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Name: ELLE


Age: 01/08/2016

Character: CALM AND GOOD


Elle came from a town in Málaga. She was in a dog pound, a woman who uses to rescue dogs from this kind of places took her out of there but she has so many of them so she asked us for some help and of course we couldn’t refuse.

She is a calm girl. When she arrived to our shelter, she was so shy and taking distance from us but little by little she started trusting us until she understood we just wanted to help her. Currently, she has improved a lot about her timidity. We just need to treat her softly and with patience and she will feel comfortable quickly, showing us how loving and grateful she is.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter she doesn’t have any problem, she is calm and submissive.

She is a very good girl who is looking for a home where she still will receive all cuddles she deserve. Do you want her to be part of your life? Adopt her!