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26 April, 2019
30 April, 2019
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Name: DANI


Age: 10/08/2017


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Dani came from a shelter in Sevilla. Its owner are foreigners and they had to close it to come back to their own country. That is why he is with us.

Dani is a very sweet and good galgo. He has been with us for a short period of time so he still needs to feel more comfortable around us. At the beginning he is a bit shy and prudent but not afraid, he lets us to give him cuddles and he loves them. Probably in a couple of weeks he will show us his fantastic behaviour.

With other dogs in the shelter he gets along well, his behaviour is calm and submissive so he doesn’t have any problem sharing his space with males or females, he is so respectful. Furhtermore, He is suitable to live with CATS!

Dani has suffered so many changes in a short period of time so now it is the time for him to finally find his forever home. Do you want to give him a chance to this sweety? Adopt him!

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