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27 September, 2019
27 September, 2019
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Age: 01/02/2019

Character: PUPPY


Currito was found on a road in Ronda, Málaga. He was rescued by a man who called us to go for him.

He is such a sweet with paws, as you can see, he is just a puppy and because of that he has the typical behaviour of his age: cheerful, funny, playful and extremely affectionate. And, as we always say, the family who will adopt him will need to be patient because at this age, puppies can be a bit disaster at home. However, with a good education and dedicating him the time he needs, they can avoid any further problem with his behaviour.

Regarding his relation with other dogs, we have to say that as a puppy, he is so sociable, he loves playing with all of them, no matter if males or females. And also he is so respectful, when he sees the some of his friends doesn’t want to play with him, he doesn’t bother him.

Currito wants to make a deal with you, he promises he will be by your side the rest of his life but you also have to promise you will never ever left him and you always will love him until the rest of yours. Do you accept? Then, adopt him!

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