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22 November, 2019
22 November, 2019
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Age: 15/03/2015

Character: SHY AND CALM


Cometa came from a town in Cádiz, where she was handed in by her galguero, probably because she was not useful any more for hunting or races, as they just want them for that purposes. But in Galgos en Familia we are experts giving second opportunity, and Cometa is one who needs it more.

We don’t know much about her previous life, but it shouldn’t be easy at all, as for now she is still shy at the beginning with volunteers and she finds hard to trust us. But we know she will change, so many dogs like her arrived to the shelter and at the end they always change. She just need to feel a bit more comfortable and confident, and that is just a matter of time.

With other dogs in the shelter she is submissive and calm, with males or females, so she will not have any problem getting used to live with other dogs in her future home.

If you want to show Cometa she can trusts human beings and that from now on she is going to receive only affection and love, don’t think about it any more, as she needs you. Adopt her!

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