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14 February, 2018
16 February, 2018
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Age: 01/04/2017

Character: SHY

Category: .

Calisto came with Bogu, his brother, both of them from the dog pound in Antequera (Málaga).

We don’t know what kind of life he had before but because of his character we can asume he hasn’t got good memories about it, as he is a shy and discreet dog.


Currently he is in a dog residence because our shelter is full now. He arrived just a few days ago and he is still feeling out of place because of the trip. Now he is meeting all of us and step by step is getting used to be with us and our care, so for now we just have met his shy face. We hope in a short period of time he will show us his loving and kind personality.

With the rest of the dogs he hasn’t got any problem, he gets on well with males and females, he is respectful and he feels comfortable with them. He is not dominant at all.

Calisto has suffered a lot so it would be ideal if he finds a home as soon as posible so they can work with him being patient and with lot of love, as we are doing currently, so he will improve quicker. Do you want to help him to lead with his shyness? Adopt him!

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