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9 October, 2019
18 October, 2019
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Age: 22/12/2017


Other information: PODENCO


Bimba was rescued by some friends with a cage in Málaga. She was so scared and evasive so it was so hard to catch her. She is currently in a foster home and it is incredible how much she has changed her behaviour already.

Her temporary family told us she is so friendly, cheerful and affectionate. At home she is so good, she doesn’t make a noise, she is respectful and clean, because she does all her bodily functions outside. We can’t say anything wrong about her, quite the opposite, she is an excellent dog. She walks on the leash without any problem, by their side and same rhythm they are walking.

She can connect with other dogs perfectly, she is submissive and sociable and also she is SUITABLE TO LIVE WITH CATS!

Bimba, as we said before, is a great girl. We are sure she will adapt to her future home and family with no trouble as she has a big capacity of getting used to. The only thing she will need is the basic care of any dog: food, daily walks, vet and lot of love. Do you want this sweet to be part of your family? Don’t think about it any more and adopt her!

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