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31 July, 2018
2 August, 2018
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Namee: BEA


Age: 20/05/2018



Bea came with Nano. Both of them were found with another puppy recently born in a cardboard box. A girl rescued that last puppy, fed him and adopt him. A second girl, rescued Nano and Bea and also fed them until they were big enough to bring them to our shelter.

Our little girl is a very good and friendly galga. She adores spending her time with the volunteers, she loves cuddles and being the centre of attention, she is very affectionate and she doesn’t have any fears, actually, she likes doing new human friends and playing with them.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter she also gets on really well. Despite her short age, she is a very respectful galga with others and she shares space with them without any problem. As a puppy she is, she likes spending her time playing with other dogs or with the volunteers, but also she likes being calm and resting under the sun while the volunteers fill her up with cuddles

Bea is a fantastic galga and we are sure she will be the best friend you will ever have! Do you want to change her life to this little sweet? Adopt her!