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3 December, 2018
18 December, 2018
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Name: ATTY


Age: 01/10/2011

Character: KIND AND CALM


Atty came from La Guarida with her best fríend Goya, after being handed in by their galguero because they were not good and useful any longer.

Initially, Atty used to depend a lot of her friend Goya, she used to be shy and prudent but with him she felt safe and protected so we were looking for and adoption together. However, Goya has been adopted but our Atty has not.

Now Atty has been for a few months with us and her behaviour has changed in a good way. She is not shy and prudent any more, currently she is a close, calm and kind girl who has a very good relation with the volunteers.

With other dogs he doesn’t have any provlem, she has such an equilibrated and calm character so she can share her space with all of them. Also, she is suitable to live with CATS.

Atty also deserves, as her friend Goya, to find her forever home. Do you want to help this sweet? Adopt Atty!

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