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1 August, 2019
8 August, 2019
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Age: 15/08/2017

Character: VERY SHY

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Archie was handed in by his galguero with June in a town of Jaén. His colleague has found already her forever family and she is waiting for a trip to her new home. But Archie is still with us, although in a residence, as our shelter is full of other galgos waiting for a second chance.

We don’t know how has been his previous life, but it shouldn’t be easy at all due to the character he had when he arrived to the shelter. He was a scared boy who didn’t approach to the volunteers. Now, step by step is improving, although he is still very shy and prudent, so we have to give him more time and space. We are sure Archie will be in a few months time, a wonderful boy.

With other dogs of the shelter, he doesn’t have any problem, as he is a submissive boy who avoids any trouble around him. Furhtermore, He is suitable to live with CATS!

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