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7 January, 2020
7 January, 2020
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Age: 06/01/17


Other information: PODENCO


Altea has the story of a real survivor. She was wandering for weeks on the streets of a town in Córdoba with a trap embed in one of her rear paws, while she was shouting in pain. But she was so untrusting in human being that she didn’t let anyone to catch her even known she had so many people trying to. When finally they could rescue her, they took her to the veterinary, who decided the best option for her was to amputate that paw. Now, she is recovering wonderfully in a foster home with one of our best volunteers.

Her temporary family told us Altea is pure love, she is so calm that she doesn’t move from her bed, where she can finally rest without any pain. She loves being covered with her blanket and sleep. With people she is so affectionate, she loves receiving cuddles to feel warm and loved. Also, she is a very clean girl at home.

With other dogs she doesn’t have any problem, no matter if they are males or females. Currently, she is living with some more colleagues and she doesn’t make any trouble. Furthermore, she loves going to the park, where she is sociable because she enjoys making new friends.

We shoult take and advantage of the second chance life has given to Altea, so we have to find the best family for her. Do you want to be the one who will give her the life she deserves? Adopt her!

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