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9 July, 2018
9 July, 2018
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Age: 01/07/2016

Character: SHY


Alondra came from La Guarida.

She has been with us just for a short period of time and, as so many galgos, she needs more time to get use to live in the shelter. Even with that, we are sure it is just a matter of time for her to show us her real behaviour because we already see some improvement on her. She gets close to the volunteers slowly, that is why we are giving her the space and time she needs. Soon we will meet a new Alondra.

With other dogs in the shelter she doesn’t have any problems, her behaviour is calm and submissive, so she gets on really well with them and she feels safe around them.

Alondra needs to trust again in humans so she needs time, patience and lot of love. Are you ready to give them to her? Adopt her!