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31 July, 2018
2 August, 2018
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Age: 01/08/14

Character: CALM & SWEET


Alexia was rescued from a town in Sevilla.

When she arrived to us she was an insecure and shy girl who needed some time to calm down and get used to her colleagues and to the volunteers. That is why, she went to a foster home with one of our volunteers and in a few months she has changed a lot. Now she is such an affectionate girl who has learnt to go for long walks on the leash, she likes going to the dog parks and she is sociable with people, although she is still a bit prudent.

With the rest of the dogs she doesn’t have any problem, she has a calm and submissive behaviour and she shares space with them perfectly. Actually, she loves being with them, whenever her sister-galga goes, the dog she is living with her currently, Alexia goes behind her.

Alexia needs lot of love, something that just a forever family can provide to her. Do you want to change the life of our little girl? Adopt her!

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