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31 January, 2020
31 January, 2020
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Name: ALEX


Age: 01/03/2016


Other information: MIX OF SPANISH MASTÍN


Alex was used for years for wild boars hunting but she ends up tied in a balcony of a town in Málaga. She spent a long time without socializing with people or other dogs. Now our duty is to find him a good home, and we will do it.

When she arrived to the shelter she was cautious with volunteers, so they couldn’t approach to her. And that is not unusual after the life she had, but they found when she is with other dogs, she changes completely, being much more confident and sociable. Then, she went to a foster home with one of our volunteers, who told us she remains prudent with strangers, she uses to bark when they approach, but they can get closer and touch her without any problem.

Don’t be fooled about her beauty face, she is also a thief of food if it is in the kitchen!

With other dogs she is so playful as she still has a puppy behaviour despite her age, with both males or females. She is not troubled, dominant or possessive at all, quite the opposite, she is sociable and ideal to share her time and space with others.

Alex needs to find a good family to learn there is no reason to don’t trust human being, as we are not going to hurt her any more. Would you dare? Adopt her!

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