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18 October, 2019
18 October, 2019
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Name: ALDO


Age: 01/05/2019


Other information: SPANISH MASTÍN


Aldo was in Sevilla, his “owner” had him chained so he couldn’t even move a lot. Because of that and his malnutrition, he has the front paws deformed. One of his bones is not growing as it should so his paws are curve. For now, because he is just a puppy and he is not very heavy, he doesn’t need to have a surgery but if he gets fat, his weight can damage his bones and then he will need to have it. Even with that he does a completely normal life, having a good relationship and playing like any other puppy. He is a dog who will need to have an strict weight and food, to avoid any problems in future.

Aldo has had a terrible life from the beginning so he is suffering the consequences. However, it doesn’t affect at all his behaviour. He is such a friendly and affectionate boy who loves being with the volunteers so he can receive cuddles all the time.

With other dogs in the shelter he doesn’t have any problem, he can play, run and have fun with others. He is sociable, good boy and calm.

Aldo needs a family who will see further than his deformed paws, a family who could see through his heart. Are you the perfect family for him? Adopt him!

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