3 March, 2020
24 March, 2020


This beautiful puppy is our lovely child of the week!

Primor comes from Cádiz. He came to the shelter few months ago with his brothers and sisters. All of them have been adopted except him, Kenia and Nene, and we don’t understand why! They are so lovely and playful! Luckily, Primor lives in a foster home where his parents are teaching him good behaviors and how to be a good boy for when he finds his forever home.

They tell us that this little boy who haven’t yet reached a year, he knows his name! So clever! Also, he is a bit prank (like all puppies) and one of his favorite game is… steal food from the kitchen when his parents are distracted! But with that face and those eyes… everything is forgiven. Primor spends most of the days playing with other dogs with whom he shares the house. He loves go for a walk and when it comes to a new place, first of all, he sniffs it cautiously until he gains confidence.

The best ending to this story would be for Primor to find a forever home where he can keep growing and where they can keep teaching him the necessary guidelines to become the spectacular dog he is. He is willing to share his space with more dogs or even cats (with whom he has no problem at all) and to be a good boy if in exchange, you play with him, you give him thousand of tons of love and time to take a good nap. What else could you ask for? Adopt Primor!

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