22 February, 2018
8 March, 2018


Norma, our sweet 7 years old galga is today our dog of the week.

Norma, as many of the dogs we receive, one day she became useless for her galguero.

Our girl showed us with her behavior she had a life full of indifference. She didn’t move from her bed, she didn’t get close to anyone… But step by step, with love from the volunteers, she turned into the sociable and friendly girl she is now. She is perfect to go for long walks because she walks without any problem on the leash and she enjoys being with humans.

With the rest of the dogs of the shelter she gets on really well, she is a submissive girl who isn’t looking for troubles, she lives perfectly with others like her.

She is very calm and she has a wonderful behavior. You will love spending time with her on the sofa.

If you want Norma to be a member of your family, don’t think about it any more and adopt her!

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