11 March, 2020
31 March, 2020


This big boy called Nene is the puppy of the week!

Nene arrived at the shelter as a puppy, with few months of life. Him and his four brothers and sisters were handed by their galguero who got rid of them in a dog kennel in Cádiz. Only Kenia, Nene and Primor are still looking for their forever homes, but fortunately, right now all of them are in fosters homes where their are teaching them good behavior guidelines to be perfect babies.

Nene is such a sweet dog. Like all puppies, he is very playful and love to spend time with his sister Kenia running around and sometimes (but just sometimes) do some mischiefs… But what he really likes is sit next to you and receive as much caress as he can. He is an obedient and submissive dog.

With the other dogs he gets along very well, especially with his sister with whom he spent most of the time. They even share the couch! They both love to play, to roll around, a good bowl of food and of course, a good nap after such a tired journey.

Nene would love to keep growing in a comfortable house where being pampered. He deserves being loved for the rest of his life. Isn’t that seductive look irresistible? Adopt him!

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