21 May, 2020
25 June, 2020


Our lovely Neca is the star of the week!

Neca came from the shelter Siempre Contigo, in Cádiz, where she was handed in by her galguero along with her inseparable and faithful fiend Sirio. For all the changes they have suffered in a very short period of time, both of them are still cautious and scared with the new environment that surrounds them. But little by little, they are getting closer to the volunteers and understanding that they are finally in a safe place.

Neca is a endearing girl with a very sweet look on her eyes, a look begging out for confidence. She lets herself be manipulated by anyone without problem and when she receives caresses and pampering, she relaxes and lets see the good-nature girl she has inside.

She gets along very well with the rest of the dogs she shares the patio, both males or females. Her behavior is peaceful and submissive. In fact, she is quite an independent girl. You can always see her calm and sniffing all around but always close to her best friend Sirio.

We know that Neca´s past hasn’t been easy but we are sure that in a house where they give her time and patience, where she feels unconditional love, she will know how to relax and will understand that everything that awaits her will be a thousand times better than what she lived. Give Neca the opportunity she deserves to be happy for the rest of her life. Adopt her!

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