24 December, 2019
14 January, 2020


Momoa is our dog of the week, a little puppy which, not even Santa Claus and the Three Magic Kings granted her the wish to find a home to grow happily for the rest of her life. 

She came with her brothers and sisters Kenia, Jason, Nene and Primor. All of them were handed by their galguero in Cádiz. Yes, as you read, unfortunately these five gorgeus ones, at their young ages know what is the meaning of being abandoned. But in the shelter they found their temporary home where they can play, run around and jump of joy. Currently, Momoa is in a home for abandoned dogs, and they are teaching her how to behave properly to became in a little princess.

Momoa, as the rest of the puppies, needs a committed family with patience and time to spend it educating and playing with her, trying to calm all the energy she has and never forgetting to give her all the love she deserves. 

If you think you are that family with time, patience and desire, let yourself fall in love with these wonderful eyes. 

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