18 February, 2020
3 March, 2020


Our lovely podenca Mariquilla is the star of the week!

Mariquilla was found with only few months of life in the street of a town in Málaga. Luckily, she was welcomed at a home of one of our volunteers where she plays and grows surrounded by more dogs.

Mariquilla is a puppy that has turned one year old, and, as a baby she still is, she is a bit crazy when it is time to play! She is a very active dog who loves to run, play, jump and spend time outdoors doing crazy things. Her foster mum tell us that, when she takes her out for a walk, she is getting so much better on the leash. But playing also tires, and there is nothing like have a good nap after it. And Mariquilla is a enjoyment also in that: she loves to eat and go to sleep with her furry friends.

Our dear Mariquilla, having been raised from a very young age in a house with more animals, has no problem when sharing space with other dogs, neither cats. She is very sociable with all of them and has not fear or any dominant attitude. Quite the opposite! She is just looking for a bit of attention and of course, many kisses and caresses.

It is time to Mariquilla to find her forever home. As a puppy, the ideal family for her must have patience and time to spend teaching her the good behavior she is already learning. Ah! And as an indispensable requirement, give her a piece of couch where she can take her naps. And so much love and funny moments.

If you are willing to give this marvelous puppy a chance to be happy forever, don’t think twice! Adopt her!

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