28 September, 2017
12 October, 2017


And the dog of the week is…Malfoy!


This puppy is a lovely dog, that is 8 month old. He came from a olive-tree field where was exhausted and de owner of the field fed him untill he called us to pick him up.


He is a great dog and with him you will have fun all time. He gets on well with other dogs and he loves playing. He is a perfect dog for active people who like adventures. He has a lot of energy and he is extremely sweetie. He always wants to been pamppered.


Malfoy is a clever dog taht is ready to to learn and to adapt to any home, because he has the perfect age, the perfect height and his behaviour is magnificent.


Malfoy is a happy friendly dog and you will be able to live perfectly with him.  Thanks to him, you will gets home happily . So, if you are ready to have happyness aat home, you will have to adopt Malfoy.

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