Bath time for Negan!!
6 June, 2017
14 June, 2017


Madonna is our dog of the week!! A beautiful and sweet lady that is looking for a forever home with a family that will give her the love, stability and care she has been denied for so much of her life.

Madonna was abandoned on the streets and then passed from shelter to shelter until finally coming to us at Galgos En Familia. Due to a lack of shelters in Sevilla she ended up in a pound nearby who then sent her to a pound in Málaga AND THEN we were able to bring her to our shelter. She is safe with us and has had some time to recover from all the commotion and instability that comes with a constantly changing environment.


Madonna went from living a difficult life on the streets to being passed around various kennels so it took her some time to settle down and adjust to her new environment with us. When she arrived she was very shy and didn’t trust anyone which is completely understandable given the changes she had been through. Slowly but surely she realised she was in a safe place and no-one wanted to harm her so she began to open up and learn to trust in people, maybe for the first time in her life…

Her progress has been fantastic, check out this video where you’ll see just how cuddly and affectionate she can be once she learns to trust you: here

Madonna is still a shy girl and needs family who will give her to love and patience she needs to settle in in her own time. We know that once she learns to trust in people her true personality will shine through.


Madonna gets on well with other dogs and is not at all dominant. She enjoys spending time playing and relaxing with the other dogs at the shelter.

She is a sweet galga that desperately needs a loving home to help her on her journey of oversoming her fears and becoming the affectionate and loving dog we know she wants to be.

If you are interested in adopting Madonna get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Madonna!

And if you would like to see further information about Madonna you can find it here.