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22 September, 2016
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7 October, 2016


This week we bring you one of our youngest member of Galgos en Familia – it’s Kenneth!!

Kenneth is a 5 month old puppy who came to our shelter when he was found living in a house with lots of other dogs, the conditions of the house were terrible. We were able to bring Kenneth and another puppy called Irnma to our shelter and get rid of all the fleas and ticks they were covered in. The good news is Kenneth is completely healthy but he’s still waiting for his forever family to come and give him the forever home he so deserves.


Kenneth is full of energy as all healthy puppies are, he is also very intelligent and always entertaining us. He is sweet and affectionate and we are all completely in love with him.  In his quieter moments you can really appreciate his lovely temperament and we know he will make an amazing addition to his new family. He gets on well with the other dogs in our canine kindergarten, they play together, sunbathe, snooze, and generally enjoy all that being a puppy involves.


Kenneth loves to play fetch with his red ball and can never get enough of all the cuddles our volunteers give him. He loves human contact and is not at all fearful or dominant.

Kenneth is fast becoming an adult and his future family will not only need to give him all their love but also have the discipline to help him become a well behaved and socialised adult. He is intelligent, loving, very responsive and affectionate..all the ingredients for an amazing new addition to the family.


Kenneth needs a family that will care for him the way all dogs deserve and never let him find himself in the terrible conditions he spent the first few years of his life.

If you are interested in adopting Kenneth get in touch with us via the link below:

I want to adopt Kenneth!

And if you would like to see further information about Kenneth you can find it here.