7 June, 2018
28 June, 2018


This week we bring you the beautiful yet timid Jaranda.

Jarada has spent many years living with a galguero and has never known love or human affection. Once she was no longer useful, she was treated as a nuisance and, like so manu others, she was abandoned.

This good girl needs time to understand the changes going on in her life, a new surrounding and new companions are a lot of to take in for a galga like Jaranda. She despeartely needs a family to hep her learn about human compassion and care, two things she’s known nothing of until now.

She is a sociable girl with the other dogs, both females and males.

Our girl needs an opportunity to start over with a new life full of cuddles and snoozing on a good couch. Do you want to be the one to give Jaranda her new life? Adopt her now!

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