2 December, 2019
16 December, 2019


And the star of this week is… Indio! 

Unfortunately, the story of our lovely Indio isn’t any different from the rest of the greyhound´s stories. This burly dog was found walking alone in the streets of Jerez, in Cádiz, scared and in such a poor conditions. A couple took him and took care of him until he was fully recovered. 

Indio is an awesome dog with such an amazing character. During his stay at the shelter, he never showed any kind of fear or distrust, quite the contrary, he is a very affectionate dog with people and volunteers, besides being super grateful and cheerful. Now, he is currently in a residence and they tell us that he is not a fearful dog with strangers. 

Indio is also very sociable, getting along very well with both male and female buddies. He is a very respectful and loyal boy, so he will keep you in the  best company when going for long walks or taking him to any dog park so he can have fun. But don’t take him too close to cats! He prefers being away from them. 

His forever home must be one with a cozy couch where he can lay down while being stroke by his forever family. Would you like to be the family who give him the real and the warm love he deserves? Adopt him!

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