19 October, 2017
2 November, 2017


This galgo with honey coloured eyes is Idris, and he is our dog of the week.


Idris was found in a shabby home in Badajoz with Bobby, both of them were in such a bad conditions, but luckily for them we could rescue them and now they are safe.

Idris is a shy galgo, but that shyness lets us see how hard life he had until now, and his lack of confidence shows us the hostility he has been treated with from human being.

This really handsome galgo is improving step by step, letting us being very close to him for longer, giving him cuddles, because at the beginning he needed some time to trust us. Idris wants to trust people, he just needs a bit of help, and that means a family who shows him not all the humans are bad people.


Idris is a very loving galgo who wants to show us that love, and for sure it is going to be easier for him doing it in a home where he will receive lots of cuddles and good things. Furthermore, he loves being with other dogs as he doesn’t have any problem with any of them.

Don’t let Idris goes, give him a chance to this galgo and help him to shows us the affection he has got inside.


Give a forever home to our sweet and kind Idris, soon he will be the funny dog he used to be.

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