2 November, 2017
23 November, 2017


Our sweet and cheerful Hardy came a few months ago together with Bowie, Leña and Lluvia. All of them are adopted and happy in their new homes, but Hardy still has not been that lucky. Our cute wants to forget the past he had to deal with, his galguero probably used him and his brothers and sisters to breed, for hunting, for races or to sell the puppies illegally.
But one day, luckily for him, he was not useful any more, and he end up here with us, in a better place. But the best place ever is by the warmth of a family, what he expects so much.
He is a galgo with lot of vitality, who is excited with company and jumps because of happiness when he sees people as he loves being surrounded by them, he likes having all their attention and love.
About his behaviour, he is a loving galgo and energetic, he loves going for a walk and he can live with cats, as he gets on very well with them. He is not a dominant male and he share without any problem his area with other dogs.
Hardy is an ideal galgo who looks for his ideal home, if you think it could be yours, adopt our gorgeous Hardy!
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